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Electrolift DL4 for Roller Shutters

Electrolift DL4 for Roller Shutters
The revolutionary Electrolift Doorlift DL4 for all JR Industries' Roller Shutters. A user friendly, universally applicable and reliable system. The Doorlift DL4 is suitable both for initial equipment and a smooth retrofit.

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Application Field

The Doorlift DL4 fits on any type of roller shutter and increases its security and durability. It is applicable to any commercial vehicle bodies, whether dry freight or refrigerated freight.


>   Drivers are relieved from unnecessary physical strain
>   Opening and closing in 8-15 seconds, adjustable in a fast and variable way
>   User friendly by remote control or key
>   Energy-saving (with temperature controlled transport)
>   Reliable, clean and quiet
>   Low maintenance through constant operation
>   Mounting length minimally longer than the roller shutter (+/- 1,000 mm)
>   Various optional operating possibilities such as key switch, buzzer and the like
>   Corresponds to CE standards
>   Universally applicable
>   Compact and space-saving
>   Reduces risk of injury/damage for driver and vehicle


>   The basic system consists of a toothed bar, a carrier, a control unit and a remote control
>   The system is connected to a battery (12V / 24V) of the vehicle and it is equipped with fuses in
     the control unit
>   The control drives a carrier, which moves in a profile. By this carrier, the roller shutter is efficiently
     opened and closed
>   The profile with toothed bar is compact and will be fixed to the roof of the body, in the middle
     part of the roller shutter (with a mounting depth of 35 mm). A space of 55 mm between roof and
     roller shutter is enough to install the system.

JR Doorlift DL4 Alu Plus
JR Doorlift DL4 connection
JR Doorlift DL4 ISO
JR Doorlift DL4 emergency release