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Flexifloor Double-Deck System

Flexifloor is one of our unique transport solutions which enable you to maximize your load area. The Flexifloor product is a patented and tested system of raising and lowering the floor level which is itself divided into several sections. Additionally, the unit has a lower service weight and larger loading area than other so-called double-deckers, since Flexifloor has no heavy, bulky drive mechanism for the floor.

Whiting Coldsaver - JR Industries Germany

Application Field

The Flexifloor Two-Floor System is especially applicable for closed bodies and swap bodies.


>  With Flexifloor, you can avoid having to stack pallets on top of other goods; this leads to a
     significant reduction of transport damages
>   Flexifloor is simple to use
>   The sections are raised and lowered using the lifting platform - a mechanical solution with no
     awkward hydraulics or electronics
>   Locking of sections when they are in the uppermost position under the roof is very easy by using
     two mechanical automatic catches per section
>   To unlock them, the floor is simply pushed firmly upwards and the automatic catches release
>   When the lifting platform is lowered, the floor accompanies it downwards coming to rest on
     adjustable stopping bosses or on the fixed stop
>   Loading and unloading time is significantly reduced; this leads to cost reduction at the terminals


>   Flexifloor is a double-deck system consisting of single sections. These sections can be mechanically
     moved to any desired position by a guided track system
>   It is a lightweight construction and allows for utilizing the load area in a flexible and optimal way
>   Each section corresponds to 3 euro places. With a length of 1.2 to 1.4 m, a width of approx. 2.5 m
     and a thickness of 48 mm, it is possible to load over a full tonne

Flexifloor for trolly
Flexifloor interior view
Flexifloor jumbo trolly
Flexifloor track carriage
Flexifloor Ninatrans
Flexifloor side wall
Flexifloor trailer
Flexifloor trolly
Locking mechanism